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Samuel Rubenstein
Venture Partner

Sam is a General Partner at SaaS Ventures. Sam Rubenstein is also the Founder and President of Panacea Capital Advisors, Inc., a venture capital and strategic advisory firm located in Bethesda, Maryland.

Panacea focuses its activities primarily on earlier stage companies in the following sectors: (a) Technology and Technology-Enabled Business Services,
(b) Food and Foodservice, (c) Data, Content and Information Services, (d) Ecommerce and Internet of Things, (e) Logistics and Distribution Services, (g) Media and Entertainment, (f) Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Services, and (i) Specialty Finance Services.

Sam has structured, negotiated and managed more than 700 separate corporate, commercial and M&A transactions with an aggregate transaction value exceeding $6.5 billion.

Prior to forming Panacea in 2011, Sam served for 10+ years as a senior executive officer and general counsel of a publicly traded investment company, and before that, he was an attorney and partner in private practice with two separate multinational law firms.  Sam received his J.D. from The George Washington University National Law Center and his BBA in Data Processing and Honors Business from the University of Texas.