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About SaaS

SaaS Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund focused on enterprise tech. 

What We Believe

  • That talent is not bounded to a few area codes – so we invest across North America while backing great entrepreneurs
  • That within the technology sector, companies that provide software as a service (SaaS) have the highest likelihood of success and represent the best investment opportunities
  • That it takes a village to build a winner, not a single investor
  • That we are a value-added investor and play a key role in the enterprise tech ecosystem

The Enterprise Tech Ecosystem

As entrepreneurs, we understand the pain of dealing with “multiple lead investors,” each wanting to call your top customers and performing the same due diligence.  We disliked it ourselves.

We aim to be different.  If there’s a lead investor in a company’s round, we’ll work with them to leverage their diligence rather than redoing it ourselves.  If there isn’t a lead investor, we’ll help find one through our network of hundreds of VCs across the country.  

Many attractive companies are able to raise significant capital, but often are not able to fill an entire seed/seed plus/Series A round efficiently and with value added investors.  We like to invest in these rounds and assist in identifying other quality investors to complete the financing. We are honored to collaborate with the best and brightest to create successful enterprises.